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Mid-Month Musings: April 2024

Well this month is certainly flying by! Before we know it May will be here, school will be ending for the year, and summer will be in full swing.


Are you a garage sale lover? Me too! 🛍️ I am finally having a pop-up sale at my house during Braham's city-wide garage sale! Whether you are out hunting deals and need an easy breakfast, or pop over just for your favorite macarons, I'd love to see you. Punch my address into Google maps and watch for the signs.

There is only one more cookie decorating class before summer break! We've had such a groovy time and we're ending it with this far-out theme. Beginners welcome (and encouraged!) Tap the photo to sign up before May 3rd.


Recently in the kitchen...

I am so loving all the bright, floral, flowery baked goods that have come out of my kitchen!

Top left to bottom right:

  1. Macaron towers are not only delicious dessert, but also serve as a stunning decor piece!

  2. Those little eggs have my whole heart, tbh.

  3. This roundhouse style is quickly becoming my favorite cookie decorating technique!

  4. The simplicity of this cake is truly what makes it stand out! Under the vanilla frosting is champagne cake and raspberry filling...need!

  5. In my downtime, I am working on building my portfolio of business and logo orders! Ever wondered what your logo looks like on a cookies? Wonder no more...

  6. Nothing beats a sprinkle-covered birthday cake.

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