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Mid-Month Musings: May 2024

Nothing like a midweek midnight visit to the ER when you're woken up by your 4-year-old having trouble breathing! We're used to croup around here and unfortunately K needs help every time, so off we went. I hope your week has been less eventful than ours. 🥲

I also wanted to give a heads up that I am fully booked through July 8th! Some of that time includes time off for my sister's wedding and a short family vacation, but I am so thankful for a full calendar. 💌


🌼 After much deliberation, I've decided to return to the farmers market for the 4th year in a row, with a schedule much better for my family. I will be there the last Saturday of every month through October, and focusing on your favorite macarons, popular jumbo cookies, and pretty decorated cookies!

🦆 I'm also finally getting over to Princeton during the Rum River Festival! If you find yourself there to see the World's Largest Rubber Duck, stop by and say hi!


Upcoming Local Events

We have some great communities around here that put on so many wonderful events, many of which are free! I plan to share them all summer long, so if you know of any, send 'em my way!


Recently in the kitchen...

I've been so busy in the kitchen but don't have a lot to show for it yet! I always wait to share photos of people's orders until their event has long passed, and that's if I even remembered to take one! 🤭

Top left to bottom right:

  1. Big thank you to those that came out to the pop-up I had during the city-wide garage sale. It was cold and rainy but I had a pretty good day!

  2. With everything blooming and greening up around the yard, I've been taking the time to enjoy the sights and smells.

  3. Two weeks ago my partner and I had a spontaneous brunch at Leader in Cambridge!

  4. Books for Better, a non-profit in North Branch, had their online auction fundraiser Sunday! I was happy to donate some cookies and hope that the fundraiser was a success!

  5. Playing around with leftover cookie dough and cream cheese frosting ended with these raspberry cheesecake cookies that just might become a regular menu item.

  6. Just one lucky local business that received one of my random boxes of treats!

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