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Happy 2022!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

How are you feeling about this new year -- Anxious? Hopeful? Excited? Sad? The past couple years have been heavy. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that it's intimidating to make plans and be optimistic, but I hope you, too, are being brave, even if you don't want to.

For me personally, the second half of '21 was hard for business. If you know anything about sales and marketing, you know how difficult it is. Social media has become the modern-day magazine, and we are bombarded with ads, aren't we? As a small business of one, it's so hard to push through that and actually connect with people on a personal level! Keeping up with that side of my bakery really burned me out and was really discouraging.

I also had to start working at my old job again. If you recall, I quit my job in May to bake full-time. However, in September, my bakery income came to nearly a standstill, and unfortunately could not support my family anymore. I have definitely been down on myself. Taking January (mostly) off has been beneficial for me to not lose all my excitement for baking, and I am determined to keep at it. Don't worry -- Simply Sweet Bakery isn't going anywhere.

That leads me to everything coming up this year! I have been working on new recipes and ideas to expand what I offer, and I have so many amazing things to introduce throughout the year. I am also adding a blog to my website, where I will be able to share more pictures and videos without fighting for space on social media. I will also be using that space to share more behind-the-scenes, special recipes, and so many other fun things. It will be your new go-to place to find out about events, limited-time only flash sales, and more. I am so excited to share what's in store.

I am dipping my toes into the pool of 2022, and even though the water is cold, I'm ready to swim. I hope that you're standing beside me! Throw off your towel, and let's jump in together!

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