Cookie Club

Cookie Club

Cookie lover?  Enjoy fresh cookies each month with the Simply Sweet Cookie Club!


- One box of two dozen cookies on the third Thursday of the month

- Includes new, unique, or seasonal flavors, and maybe some other surprises!

- Pickup or paid local delivery available to addresses within Cambridge & Isanti city limits

  (Delivery fee is $5 per box.)

- Flexible pickup times on third Thursdays, 8-10am or 6-8pm

- Sign up by the 5th of the month to be included in that month's boxes!

- Order manually each month or subscribe and get a discount, up to 20% off

- Automatically get access to the Simply Sweet VIP group with a subscription


Want a broader delivery range?  Invite your friends to join the Cookie Club!  As the club expands, so will the delivery options (and the delivery price may go down!).


Business / Corporate orders:  If you need larger quantities or want to discuss a delivery arrangement, send an email to to get started!

  • FAQs

    Q: Will I know the flavors in advance?

    A: No, the flavors of each box will be a surprise.  Make sure to chime in on social media with your favorites so they make an appearance!


    Q: What if I don't like a flavor, can I substitute?

    A: No substitutions will be allowed.  This keeps costs low and allows me to produce quality cookies.


    Q: Can I choose a different pickup time?

    A: Pickups are allowed the third Thursday of the month from 8-10am or 6-8pm only.  If pickup is not a good fit, you can choose to have your box delivered!


    Q: Why is your delivery area so small?

    A: I want Cookie Club to be affordable for you!  As the club grows and expands, so will the delivery area.  So invite your friends to join!

PriceFrom $20.00
Price Options
One-time purchase
3 Month Club
Subscribe & Save 10%
$22.50monthly/ 3 months
6 Month Club
Subscribe & Save 20%
$20.00monthly/ 6 months
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