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Brunch Box
  • Brunch Box

    I'll handle the pastries -- you add the eggs and bacon!  Assemble a box of your favorite flavors and enjoy fresh pastries for breakfast or brunch (or a snack!).  Each box can be flavored per half dozen for a variety!

    Various flavors available!


    - Apple Cinnamon

    - Banana Nut

    - Blueberry

    - Bran

    - Chocolate Banana

    - Chocolate Chip

    - Coffee Cake

    - Cranberry Orange

    - Lemon Poppyseed

    - Pumpkin


    - Chocolate Chip

    - Lavender & Honey

    - Lemon

    - Maple

    - Plain (for jam & jelly)

    - Raspberry & White Chococlate

    - Salted Caramel

    - Turtle

    Small Box:  6 muffins & 6 scones - $20  (Choose two flavors)

    Large Box: 12 muffins & 12 scones - $40  (Choose four flavors)

    • Due Date

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    PriceFrom $20.00