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The Heart of Baking

A box of pink ombré macarons. From left to right they are white with pink sprinkles, light pink with pink sugar sprinkles, bubble gum pink, and dark pink with white drizzle and a tiny heart sprinkle.

💗 Something I love about baking is sharing in the experience when someone tries something for the first time.

It usually happens at the farmers market — someone will be drawn to the macarons, exclaiming how they love to watch how they’re made on foodie shows, but they’ve never actually tried one. They way their eyes light up at that first bite is pure magic as they experience a confection like no other. ✨

At the heart of it all, behind the pretty pictures and hours spent on my feet in the kitchen, it really comes down to the connection food brings. When we meet, we’re strangers; when we walk away, we’ve both shared a joyful experience and a much needed sweetness added to our day.

💕 So here’s to you — thanks for allowing me to share my baking with you!

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