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Holiday Pie Fundraiser

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Enjoy a pie made with love and hard work for Christmas and know that your money is going directly to a local family.

Last month I ended up in the ER with a ruptured gall bladder. I had plans for a routine removal, but it got complicated! Due to a month of pain and uncertainty, I closed Simply Sweet Bakery for the remainder of 2022. Unfortunately, this halted that income, and while I have picked up more hours at my other job, it’s going to be a tight time for our family. I still have another procedure to come in January.

That is why I am running this special! Reopening for a short time will not only will it get me in the kitchen again working and making me productive, but it will help my family as we pay off my medical bills. Your support of my bakery through the years has already provided our family with groceries, heat, gas, toddler clothing, and other daily expenses, and I am so grateful anytime you choose to support local.

Not a pie fan? Cookies are available too!

Three cookie flavors are available as well, including the always-popular Gingerdoodles!

Orders close December 16th

Be sure to get your orders in by December 16th! The last pickups will be December 23rd at 8pm, so be sure to choose a pickup time before that. As always, everything is baked fresh with lots of love!

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